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June 11 - 12, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton

Forward Thinking in Challenging Times

Being part of the change, not just responding to it, requires executive skills and knowledge on a number of fronts. As we strengthen our Organizational Capacity, Governance and Community Engagement practices, we need fresh thinking and new skills.  Selecting the right combination of sessions from these themes will help you to extend your vision and skills as a leader to make positive changes in your organization.

Perspectives 2018 will bring together top leaders throughout the Not-for-Profit sector for stimulating presentations and networking.  The conference will open with panel presentation "Workforce Intermediaries"  with four LEPC Executive Directors will discuss their evolving community role, the LEPC sponsored projects, recently released community labour market plans and the benefits of workforce intermediaries.  Moderator Heather McMillan, Executive Director, Durham Workforce Authority, President, Onestep will be joined by Panelist;  Deb Mountenay, Executive Director, Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning, Ingrid Argyle, Program Manager, Ottawa Employment Hub, Madge Richardson, Executive Director, North Superior Workforce Planning Board, Julie Joncas, Executive Director, Far North East Training Board, and Shalini Da Cuhna, Executive Director, Peel Halton Workforce Planning Board.

The Closing Keynote "Design Thinking" by Brock Hart - Co-Founder and CEO of Overlap Associates, will speak to designing programs and services that best relate to the experiences and needs of your clients

Download the Perspectives 2018 General Agenda

Download the Perspectives 2018 Detailed Agrenda with Workshop Descriptions

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The Venue

DoubleTree by Hilton

108 Chestnut Street, Toronto M5R 1R3

The DoubleTree is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto just north of City Hall with many eateries, watering holes and shoping options all within walking distance.   A block of rooms has been secured at a preferred rate of $209. from June 10th thru June 13th. Shoulder dates are available at the conference rate but you must make your reservation by phone if requesting these additional dates. A block of rooms has been secured at a preferred rate from June 10th thru June 13th. Shoulder dates are available at the conference rate but you must phone in your reservations if requesting these additional dates. To book a room at the preferred rate book by May 27th.

Call directly to the hotel  416-599-0555   or   1-800-668-6600    and quote the group code: ONE

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or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Past Conferences:

Perspectives 2017

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November 7 - 8, 2017

Novotel, Mississauga

Enhance Your Leadership, Develop Business Skills for the New Labour Market

Being part of the change, not just responding to it, requires executive skills and knowledge on a number of fronts. As we strengthen our Organizational Capacity, Governance and Community Engagement practices, we need fresh thinking and new skills.  ONESTEP has again developed workshops in the key leadership areas of governance, organizational capacity and community engagement. Selecting the right combination of sessions from these themes will help you to extend your vision as a leader.

Perspectives 2017 will bring together top leaders throughout the Not-for-Profit sector for stimulating presentations and networking.  The conference will open with panel presentation "The Future of Work" .  Panelists include Trina Foster - Executive Director of the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovatio, Erin McGinn, Assistant Deputy Minist - Highly Skilled Workforce,  Andrew Parkin - Director if the Mowat Centre and a member yet to be announced.

The Closing Keynote "More Than Fixing a Flat - Maybe It's the Tire" by Howard Green - Chair of St. Stephen's Community House Board of Directors

Download the Perspectives 2017 General Agenda

Download the Perspectives 2017 Detailed Agrenda with Workshop Descriptions

Perspectives 2016

Perspectives 216 logo

May 3, 2016
Hyatt Regency, Toronto

Perspectives 2016 will bring together top leaders throughout the Not-for-Profit sector for stimulating presentations and networking.


Enhance Your Leadership

Do you regularly ask yourself:

What is the future of my organization?

How can I enhance the governance of my organization?

What are new and innovative ways to fund my organization?


Come learn from our Keynote Speakers and presenters.

Opening the Conference is Deena Ladd, from the Workers Action Centre, who will be speaking to The Changing Workplace.

2016 is the year where labour laws in Ontario could potentially change. It's been 25 years since the last major review of employment standards and this opportunity is a once in a generation moment. Will we be able to fix basic labour standards to address inequities of part-time, casual, temp and contract jobs? Can we see an updating and expansion of rights to include paid sick days, wrongful dismissal, enforcement and a higher minimum wage? These issues and more will be discussed, debated and put on the table by Deena Ladd

ONESTEP has again developed workshops in the key leadership areas of governance, organizational capacity and community engagement. Selecting the right combination of sessions from these themes will help you to extend your vision as a leader.

Download the Perspectives 2016 General Agenda

Download the Perspectives 2016 Detailed Workshop Agenda

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Reflections from Perspectives 2015

Our Perspectives Conference met our goals and provided a stimulating and informative one-day event for learning, thinking and networking. This year’s conference was a hit with our delegates reporting the highest overall approval rating of 97%. Delegates stated that Perspectives was very informative, well organized conference they have attended providing outstanding value. Some highlights included the opening keynote by Tom Zizys, author of Working Better and Better Work: The path to better jobs is through employers; Josh Hjartarson's presentation on Pay for Performance and Adam Jagelewski on Social Impact Bonds/Social Investment. Workshop descriptions and PowerPoint resources are available below for your reading and sharing. We welcome your feedback regarding the conference as we begin planning for a better and more responsive event for 2016. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your comments.

A conference of this quality cannot be presented without a great behind-the-scenes support team ensuring that all details are taken care of and we would like to thank these groups and individuals.

Thank you to the ONESTEP Board who supported this venture and acted as or sounding board on all aspects of the conference from the consideration of twinning with the Leadership Summit, to the focus of the three streams and potential keynote speakers. We thank them also for their efforts to reach out to their sector contacts and networks to encourage others to attend.

Thank you to the keynote speakers and the presenters for the hours they spent developing the timely, inspiring and interactive sessions that have informed and motivated our delegates to return to their offices and continue to improve the good services they provide Ontarians.

We would like to thank the sponsors and exhibitors for their invaluable support. Without the support of our sponsors it would not be possible to make a conference of this level affordable for our sector.

Thank you to the Board members that acted as room monitors and providing onsite support to the presenters during their sessions.

Special thanks go to Angela Connors and Maria Sophianopoulos, who are new to the ONESTEP team, for their support onsite to ensure delegates, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors enjoyed a positive professional development experience.

Lastly thank you to all the delegates that attended for the first time or the eleventh, who shared information, ideas and best practices. Thank you for choosing Perspectives to continue to inform, inspire and invest in the leadership of Ontario’s career development sector.

Opening Keynote


The Path to Good Jobs is through Employers

Metcalf Foundation Fellow Tom Zizy’s prescription for our labour market challenges is that we must shift from a near-exclusive focus on the supply side and what is it that individuals need to get work, to the demand side of how employer practices affect opportunities to access good jobs. Looking at the big picture, it is important to appreciate the longer term trends that have profoundly affected Ontario’s labour market, because only by understanding how we got here can we envision the policies and practices that can lead to better work for more individuals. The recommendations include not only seeking to influence individual employer practices, but also strengthening our labour market intermediaries, advancing appropriate norms and values, and coming to grips with the range of business models that can help or hinder a good jobs agenda.

Tom Zizys has worked for over two decades as a consultant in the public, not-for-profit and international development fields. For the last 15 years he has specialized in employment programs and labour market analysis, particularly for economically marginalized communities. He is an Innovation Fellow of the Metcalf Foundation where his research focus is the changing labour market and the working poor. He has taught public policy, program evaluation, international development and community economic development courses at York and Ryerson universities.

Closing Keynote

Advocacy is Not a Dirty Word

Your work matters a great deal. And there are others out there who have both a vested interest in and a passion for all that you do. In addition to providing services, your job is to articulate and represent the interests of your clients to a broad range of stakeholders – from different levels of government to corporations of all shapes and sizes. Find out how taking back the word advocacy can help you build allies for your work and fuel your mission

Julia Howell is a career cause communicator with 20+ years working in and around nonprofit organizations across criminal justice, the arts, diversity and the environment. Her experience working as an executive director, fundraiser, marketer, volunteer and grantmaker/funder lend her a 360-degree perspective on causes and the art of bringing multiple stakeholders together in shared purpose.

Julia has held leadership positions at Arts Toronto, The Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto, Imagine Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Maytree. Through her consultancy, Julia Howell Cause Communications, she designs communications and organizational strategy and produces multimedia content for organizations such as Philanthropic Foundations Canada, Toronto Foundation, Tandia Financial Cooperative and ScotiaMcLeod. Julia recently served as a judge for Strategy magazine's Cause + Action Awards. She is the founding Chair of Park People, Canada's first city parks advocacy organization.

Julia holds an MA in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Western Ontario and a Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos from the University of Salamanca, Spain.


101 - Coordinated Employer Outreach and Job Development

John Griffiths - Workforce Development Goodwill Ontario Great Lakes, Carol Stewart - ESCLM, Sadia Khan - Project Manager CASIP at ACCES Employment

A project of Employment Sector Council London - Middlesex (ESCLM), the Job Developers Network (JDN) is a forum for job developers from 17 organizations to meet, discuss and share information, problem-solve issues, and strategize solutions that promote collaborative service delivery to job seekers and employers. Over the past 4 years, successes include: measuring and sharing our collective results as a network; hundreds of shared job postings; professional development and networking for members; integrated planning with employer partners with large and small hiring needs; JDN-coordinated job fairs; increased profile with our municipality, workforce board, and economic development agencies; and commitment to standards for optimal and consistent service delivery.

CASIP (Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally-trained Persons) has developed an Employer Services Network (ESN) Collaborative Services Model. It is a unique model of Job Developers’ collaboration that has proven its effectiveness in a highly competitive environment. The model has a track record of being beneficial to employment service providers, employers and job seekers. The presentation will provide an overview of the model’s concept and tools. The model representing a collaboration of 11 organizations that deliver employment services has been successfully implemented in Toronto and presented to audiences across the country.

102 - Incorporating Motiviational Interviewing into Employment Practice

Dawn McColl and Courtney Ferguson - VCCS

There has been a lot of buzz about using Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a counselling tool with ambivalent or stuck clients. Employment Counsellors may have taken initial training in MI but are they really using it and what does it take to incorporate new learning into an employment counselling environment? VCCS Employment Services will review the highs and lows of a 3 year process to incorporate MI within their organization and the impact it has made on organizational capacity, client engagement, show rates and employed outcomes.

103 / 203 =- Social Media 101 for Non-profits and Small Bussinesses

Neda Azarmipour - Skychain Trading

With rising costs and stiff competition for government and private funding, non-profits and small business are more than ever turning away from print and moving toward social media and mobile applications. Getting your brand, programs and message in front of current and prospective clients immediately and interactively using web-based channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are helping organizations build mindshare and participants in a cost-effective way.

So with the versatility of using multi-media and interactive tools to engage your client, where do you start and how do you build a social marketing strategy that keeps your business moving forward with engaged current and prospective clients?

This workshop will help you grasp the basics of what social media is and what it can do for your small business or agency. With buzzwords such as SEO, SEM and web analytics becoming commonplace, we will decode what they mean and how they work together to help to keep your organization top-of-mind and sustainable.

104 - Whose Emotions Come First – Using Minds at Work for Self Reflection and Team Building

Vicki Mayer - ATN Access Inc.

Kathryn Eggert - Daya Counselling Centre

Lorraine Katanik - ONESTEP

How we view the world is often a product of our previous experience. Are you dealing with a difficult client or a pre-conceived interpretation of their behavior? Are you aware of your biases, strengths and weaknesses when dealing with angry, anxious or frustrated job seekers?

This workshop will be an introduction to a tool and a series of workshops designed to assist both individuals and teams to assess their competencies for working with emotionally distressed job seekers and develop a plan for both personal and professional growth.

201 - Un-blocked: Making Pay for Performance Contracts Work

Josh Hjartarson and Andrea Holmes - Ontario Chambers of Commerce

Ontario is facing extraordinary challenges. Its economy is projected to grow sluggishly for the next 20 years. Its debt-to-GDP ratio is rising to worrying levels. Its population is aging, placing increased pressure on public finances.

Governments around the world are increasingly adopting new public-private service delivery partnerships to improve service quality and/or create cost savings. Many governments are turning to pay-for-performance models to drive better outcomes and drive competition and innovation in the provider market.

This workshop will highlight those steps government can take to create successful pay for performance contracts and the transformational changes in the training space that will need to occur.

202 - Working with Our Labour Market Partners - panel discussion

David Alexander - Niagara Workforce Planning Board

Reggie Caverson - Workforce Planning Sudbury & Manitoulin

Joe Celestini - Peterborough Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, Haliburton Workforce Development Board

Karen Lior - Toronot Workforce Innovation Group

Workforce Planning Ontario is a network of 26 Workforce Planning Boards funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and covers four regions across the province. Workforce Planning Boards gather intelligence about local labour market issues to better understand what industries are growing/declining, why this is happening, and how it will impact on our economy, our future workforce and training that is required. Using an evidence-based perspective, Workforce Planning Boards work with a wide range of sector stakeholders to identify, develop and contribute to local workforce solutions. This presentation will focus on labour market partnership projects from each of these highly diverse and unique regions with an emphasis on community/business project initiatives.

204 - Theory of Change - A strategic tool for strengthening program effectiveness

Janet M Murray - Resources for Results

Mary Ferguson - Eko Nomos

Theory of Change” processes are becoming increasingly popular in the Public Benefit Sector, offering organizations a ‘roadmap’ that supports strategic planning, on-going decision-making and evaluation. Theories of change are typically developed collaboratively, engaging stakeholders to create a common vision for the expected long-term outcomes of programming, drawing on their collective learning about effective design and practice. The process identifies the sequencing of outcomes within various timeframes, and identifies the pathways through which these outcomes are to be achieved. Theories of change also identify practical ways of tracking and assessing progress along the way.

A Theory of Change builds an outcomes orientation and evaluative thinking into your program strategy. In the current era of limited resources, this process can strengthen the strategic focus of your programming, ensure effective use of your resources; and embed performance metrics and evaluation into your staff processes.

Janet Murray and Mary Ferguson are experienced evaluators and Theory of Change practitioners. In this workshop, they will profile two real life case studies of employment sector organizations using Theory of Change processes to improve the way they promote livelihoods outcomes for their low-income clients, and evaluate their programs.

301 - Social Impact Bonds / Social Investment

Adam Jagelewski - MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Monica Anne Brennan - TRIEC

Outcome-based financing mechanisms (e.g., Pay for Success/Social Impact Bonds) are being contemplated in Ontario and beyond in many different social policy areas. Many nonprofit organizations are asking, "What does this mean for us?", "How will this affect our current funding?", "How are these things developed"? "Should I care?". The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing will lead a session that will provide an overview of the model and introduce a 'live opportunity' in the area of skilled immigrant employment with Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council's The Mentoring Partnership (TMP). TMP will share why they are pursuing outcome finance and the progress they have made to date. We will add a representative and an investor - the other stakeholders in the model - to round out the panel. This is a very new discussion on social innovation so the will session is designed as interactive with ample time for questions.

302 - Decent Work - Building a Movement in Ontario's Nonprofit Sector

Cathy Taylor Ontario Nonprofit Network

ONN will engage participants in a discussion about building a decent work movement in Ontario’s nonprofit sector. This will build upon our labour force work and how we as a sector can take action to address issues facing the development of our workforce. ONN is reaching out to spark conversations at all levels including nonprofit boards, executive directors, staff and funders to address challenges between decent work and maximizing community impact. ONESTEP members play a unique role in the Ontario labour market as both nonprofit employers and employment service providers. This dual perspective will be helpful to identify recommendations to enable the development of the decent work movement and a labour force strategy for Ontario's nonprofit sector.

303 - Impact Reporting Do's and Don'ts

Kate Ruff

More than better impact measuring, this sector needs better impact reporting. Too often a charity’s website will have scant information on its social impact, but a 30 minute conversation with the executive director reveals all the impact data one could want. Why keep this information hidden on a hard drive? This workshop will cover 7 no-cost steps to better impact reporting that every charity can do today.

304 - Working Together to Advance the Career Development Profession in Ontario

Gillian Johnston - Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario

The pan-Canadian movement to certify Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) is well underway. Ontario is the fifth province to establish a certification model that launched April 1, 2015. This session will outline the benefits of certification for all involved: CDPs, the profession, the public/our consumers and employers and funders. Based on the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs), the certification model is being implemented by the Career Development Practitioners’ Certification Board of Ontario (CDPCBO). Learn the requirements, processes and history of certification in Ontario as we move towards having a unified voice for the profession provincially and nationally.

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