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ONESTEP is committed to labour market development practices that build a vibrant economy for all Ontarians. We are constantly looking for new ways to ensure Ontario’s labour market development professionals have access to quality, market-relevant solutions for the workforce and businesses.

What We Offer

To Members

ONESTEP represents the sector’s interests across all levels of stakeholders; acts as a key partner to leverage resources for new ideas and projects; and provides a powerful and supportive network for employment and training agencies across the province.

To Government

ONESTEP provides credible and timely information to guide program and policy development based on direct community practice.

To Business

ONESTEP provides a network of quality talent developers/placement agencies to support human resource practices based on competencies and demonstrated abilities.

To Peer Organizations

ONESTEP provides meaningful partnership opportunities to build complementary network capacity in support of effective advocacy efforts and strong communities of practice.

Our Board

Heather McMillan, President

Karen Wilson, Vice-President

Karen Makela, Treasurer

Jasmine Artis-Longhurst, Central Region Director

John Griffiths, ex-officio, Past President

Madge Richardson, Northern Region Director

Rhonda Beauregard, Eastern Region Director

Olivia Brezeanu, Western Region Director

Our Team

Trina Foster, CEO

Shahin Ahmed, Digital Officer

Amanda Murray, Projects Manager

Christian Quaresma, Social Researcher

Khujista Rahman, Research Associate

Fatehma Hossain, Operations Coordinator

Our Members