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Employment Services Transformation

Employment services transformation

In February 2019, the Ontario Government announced its plan for transforming employment services (ES). What does this mean for you?

As Ontario moves forward with transformation, communities have the opportunity to look at what their needs are, and design a regional structure that will meet those needs.

ONESTEP is working with our Members to ensure they have the resources to navigate the coming changes and lead the collaborative and inclusive conversations needed to drive meaningful employment outcomes for Ontarians.

A new structure

A key component of the transformed ES system is the introduction of a service system manager (SSM) who will be responsible for managing integrated employment service delivery and for operating and achieving employment outcomes for a wide range of clients across 15 proposed catchment areas.

What’s coming



RFQ for 3 prototype catchments


CFP for first 3 catchments

APRIL 2020

First 3 prototypes operational


Restructure of remaining areas across province

Some key points

  • Service contracts with the Government will be reduced from over 500 organizations, to (a proposed) 15
  • Service contracts will only be held with the service system manager (SSM) within each catchment area. See proposed areas HERE
  • SSM’s will be selected via an open, competitive process – all organization types are eligible (e.g., private, public, non-profit)
  • Local delivery networks will be determined at the catchment area level and managed by the SSM

Get involved

Transformation is your chance to have a voice in how employment services are delivered in your community. While the ultimate administration and performance accountability will fall with the service system manager, the design, structure and function of each SSM has the opportunity to be built on local level needs and priorities.

Workforce development affects everyone. Get involved to make sure that your local system reflects everyone’s needs.