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Perspectives 2019


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OCTOBER 16-18th, 2019


We’ve redesigned this year’s event to respond to Members’ requests for more resources and learning opportunities around transformation. This retreat will feature guests from the United Kingdom, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia who will engage in hands-on workshops and share their experience and insights about employment services transformations from their jurisdictions.

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Who will attend

We’ve brought together senior leaders from over 100 organizations for 2 days of creative thought, exploration, and peer networking. Sessions will be hosted by professional facilitators who will make sure you get the most out of each learning opportunity. We’ll also make sure you have time to meet with colleagues, share ideas, and enjoy new experiences – all in a relaxed environment.

A list of participants will be provided at the event

What to Expect

Retreat offerings will include:

  • Active learning workshops on transformation examples
  • Fire-side chats: case studies, ‘unplugged’
  • Ministry meet & greet/opening reception
  • Vendors hall of innovative ideas and resources

CLICK HERE to view the full retreat schedule

We do not fix problems.
We fix our thinking.
Then the problems fix themselves.

Case Study Workshops

British Columbia

Since 2012, BC has undergone two competitive processes that have contributed to the redesign of their employment and services landscape (administered primarily through their Work BC Centres).
This case study brings together representatives from government, contract holders, and sub-contractors to walk us through their experience with the competitive process. They’ll share their experiences and thoughts on how to successfully navigate from procurement to partnership.

Nova Scotia

In 2016, the Nova Scotia government embarked on a significant transformation in their approach to employment and training services. Unlike other jurisdictions, they took a collaborative approach and let the sector lead the decision making from beginning to end. Three years later, what can Ontario learn from them?
This case study will focus on looking at how community-based organizations can prepare, play a leadership role, and work with government to build an effective employment services system.

United Kingdom

Starting in 2011, the United Kingdom has navigated three major program shifts within their employment and services sector. These were accompanied by significant changes in procurement approaches and policy changes – all of which led to dramatic differences in the service provision landscape across the relevant countries.
This case study will share perspectives from government and practitioners on the impact of these changes and how to balance building contestable markets and community-based provision.