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DSQ Reviews

Quarterly, regional CaMS data reviews

These webinars are offered by Sarah Delicate on behalf of ONESTEP as a benefit of membership.

In today’s environment, numbers matter. Want to get the most out of your CaMS data? Each webinar will walk you through your own reports and see how they compare with the roll-up data for your region.

Goal of Training

To provide Employment Ontario service providers with a line by line approach to strategically reviewing – and using – their CaMS data.

What You Learn

By the end of the webinar, you will have a strong working knowledge of:

  • How your organization compares with overall performance numbers for your region/the province
  • How to identify and manage ‘underperformance’ around key indicators
  • How to cross reference related indicators for strategic target management
  • Best practices in ensuring data integrity
  • how to identify performance flags

What to Expect

To get the most out of this webinar, participants are asked to:

  • have at hand their most recent DSQ reports
  • be prepared to perform basic mathematical computations with a calculator
  • commit to participating for the full hour
  • consider completing the post-webinar review to help us improve the training opportunity moving forward

This training should be a mandatory requirement for all EO service providers. We learned so much about how to use our CaMS data that we never knew we could do before.



for ONESTEP members

Registration for webinars is currently open. CLICK HERE for upcoming sessions.



DSQ webinars are offered as a benefit to ONESTEP Membership. CLICK HERE to find out more about the benefits of membership.

Please note:

  • participants will be sent a link to the webinar 3 days in advance of each session
  • all sessions will be recorded
  • all participants will be provided with the link within 48 hours after session completion