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Ethics Training

Ethics Training for Career Development Practitioners

This training meets the course requirements for certification by the Career Development Board of Ontario.

This course provides direction and a shared ethical vocabulary for counselors, job developers, and other career development practitioners when deciding how to deal with ethical dilemmas and issues.

Goal of Training

To equip practitioners with the knowledge they need to understand, and more effectively deal with, the competing interests in any ethical issue or dilemma.

What You Learn

By the end of the course you will have a strong, working knowledge of the ethical guidelines pertaining to:

  • Primary responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Informed consent
  • Referrals
  • Use of Tests
  • Computer & technology use
  • Professional standards

What to Expect

This course takes place over over 1 full day (9am – 5pm) plus some requirements to be completed outside of the training days. Total hours for pre-, post and classroom learning will be a minimum of 10 hours. Specific activities will include :

  • roughly 1-2 hours of pre-reading materials
  • lecture style presentations using PowerPoint presentations
  • large and small group discussions
  • in-class quiz
  • in-class final exam

All our team members — administrative, frontline, and management — participate in this training. It helps us have a shared understanding of our organizational values and service commitment.


Individual Registration

per participant

Open classes are offered in Toronto on a quarterly basis and upon request across the province. Click HERE for upcoming sessions.

Hosted Classes

maximum of 24 participants

Hosted classes are offered upon request, anywhere in the province. Click HERE to contact us about bringing a hosted class to your area.

These fees include:

  • pre-reading materials (provided in soft copy to participants 10 business days in advance of training)
  • delivery of face-to-face, on-site training
  • course handouts
  • test materials (i.e., quizzes, exam)
  • grading
  • final certificates for successful participants

Pricing does not include any catering costs. Travel and accommodation costs for the facilitator are also billed (on a cost recovery basis) separately.