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Transformation Tutorials

Transformation Tutorials

Short, focused trainings for ONESTEP Members on key issues related to transformation.

While there are many components of the employment services transformation that are still in development, the recent competitive process in the three prototype areas has provided many details around some core features of a transformed system.

These tutorials are intended to provide interactive, data-driven ways of exploring what some of these new features will mean for your organization.

Client streaming & segmentation

This tutorial walks through what we know to date about how clients will be assessed and segmented to support effective service targeting. It walks through how to look at your own case loads and compare against future targets under the SSM model. It sets up a group exercise that can be done as a planning exercise within your organization using your own case management data.

Performance-based funding

This tutorial walks through the basics of how our funding model is changing, the calculations being done around milestone allocations, and how this approach impacts organizational budgeting and planning. It sets up a spreadsheet template that organizations can use as a base to look at cash flow requirements, client volume/target impacts, and client costs considerations.

Planning for SSM partnership

To help support members interested in holding contracts as service providers with local SSMs, we reached out to existing SSM contract holders in other jurisdictions to find out how our community can best prepare to position themselves as effective partners with their SSMs. This tutorial walks through an overview of the responses we received and sets up an organizational check-list exercise that can be done independently within your management team.

Frontline transformation

This tutorial is intended for front-line staff who have likely heard about the coming changes but may be looking for more detail on the context, timeline, and impact of transformation. It will start with a high level 101 of what the changes are looking to do and then explore what this will mean for front-line staff and delivery models as we transition into a new model. The deck for this tutorial will be posted as a resource for managers who may wish to review the tutorial first and then adapt for their own teams as appropriate.