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Past webinar: Legal considerations for SSM models

Members’ webinar: Legal considerations for SSM models

What do non-profits/charities considering taking on – or partnering with – an SSM need to know?

Whether you are considering bidding on an SSM role within your catchment area, or you want to be part of the new delivery networks around the SSM, there are significant considerations from a legal perspective around what you need to think about, and what are some best practices to consider.

This webinar featured Nick Pasquino, Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, and outlined partnership models (along with related pros and cons for each) that could be considered by non-profits/charities entering into SSM agreements (either directly or as a network deliverer).

What to expect

This webinar focused on the following aspects:

  • identify legal structuring options available for an organization to successfully act as one of the new funding recipients
  • set out a best practice process through which organizations can explore partnerships
  • offer criteria through which ONESTEP members can evaluate potential partners/an integrated model